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No scale is beyond our grasp, whether it's small or large.

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Fully Connected Audio.

From user-friendly touchscreens to audio seamlessly distributed throughout the space, every aspect can be effortlessly controlled and adjusted with minimal knowledge and understanding of audio.

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Small budget, new building.

Despite having a limited budget and working with a new building, we managed to assist and deliver the optimal audio and video system for the church's requirements.


Power serge takes out audio system

HQ Integrations joined the effort to evaluate the impact of a power surge, identifying that the speakers and amplifiers were affected. We successfully installed a new system, incorporating a power management system to safeguard against potential issues and ensure the longevity of the newly implemented equipment.

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New System on a budget.

The church aimed to enhance their audio setup and introduce video elements to their services. This involved installing three screens—two at the front and a confidence screen at the back. Additionally, two PTZ cameras were integrated to prepare for live streaming capabilities.


Lightning strike takes out lighting and projection.

We were called in to assess and replace lighting and video equipment after a lightning strike wreaked havoc. Our goal was to swiftly restore the church's functionality before the next service commenced.

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The Church Alive's new AVL system after a devastating fire.

HQ Integrations played a pivotal role in crafting a remarkable new sanctuary system post-fire. The audio setup features a Midas Pro 2 soundboard, an Allen and Heath ME in-ear system, and RCF line arrays, meticulously chosen to deliver top-notch audio quality while mindful of the budget. For lighting, we opted for a combination of Chauvet movers and static lights, achieving the perfect visual ambiance. The comprehensive system stands as a significant enhancement compared to the previous setup.