Our Work
No scale is beyond our grasp, whether it's small or large.


New Sanctuary

Star City First Assembly enlisted our assistance in crafting an immersive worship experience. We provided comprehensive audio coverage throughout the room, bathed the stage in lighting spanning the front and sides, and incorporated uplights to introduce a vibrant touch of RGB, significantly transforming the visual ambiance. Additionally, we installed a screen that creates the illusion of floating above the stage.


Modern Classroom

Bryant Junior High sought to implement a video wall in their classrooms, opting for a more contemporary alternative to projectors. This cost-effective solution not only provides a modern aesthetic but also offers an easy and effective method for teaching students.


New Stage Lights

We modernized the stage lighting, a feature untouched since the church's construction in 1970. The church expressed concerns about the dimness of their stage and the unavailability of replacement bulbs for the existing lights. Introducing LED lights that offer color-changing capabilities to set various moods, we successfully addressed their needs. The church is now delighted with the vibrant atmosphere created by the new lighting system.


Complete AV Overhaul.

From updated audio to PTZ cameras for broadcasting and discreet lighting, the church sought a system that seamlessly integrated without the need for an AV crew during events like funerals. We implemented a touch screen for easy control of the entire AV system, ensuring user-friendly operation for various occasions.


Courthouse Audio.

The collaboration between Bryant Court and the Bryant City Council aimed to enhance their audio system. We introduced a touchscreen system and discreet, low-profile microphones. Additionally, a wireless microphone system was integrated for the plaintiff and defendants' tables.

Product Showcases

Bringing the Youth into the future.

Grace Fellowship approached us with a request to enhance the engagement of youth worship. Since the youth preferred the ambiance of the main sanctuary, we improved the lighting and enhanced the sound quality in their space to align with the desired atmosphere.