Our Work
No scale is beyond our grasp, whether it's small or large.


Sound board upgrade

Mulberry Assembly of God reached out to us for a soundboard upgrade. The enhancement provided the capability to run in-ear mixes and enabled control from phones or iPads. Additionally, they requested user creation and permission settings to regulate access levels. This significant upgrade notably improved the audio quality in the space, with the pastor expressing satisfaction that his microphone sounded exceptionally good and natural.


From roof collapse to rebuild

First Free Will Baptist reached out to us after attending a night of worship at First Assembly of Star City, where the pastor and his wife were captivated by the exceptional sound system and its ability to fill the space. The pastor contacted us with the desire to replicate that sound in their own church. We collaborated with them during a comprehensive rebuilding phase following a catastrophic roof failure. Together, we tailored the perfect sound system for their space, integrated new projector screens, and efficiently reused existing equipment to accommodate their tight budget constraints.

Rock Solid

It all started with the audio

It all began with the simple task of replacing the speakers in this fantastic client's space, and since then, we have implemented numerous enhancements. The most recent upgrades include the design of the stage background, the introduction of new lighting, and the convergence of the video output from three projectors into a seamless, unified image. The lighting is seamlessly controlled through ProPresenter, facilitating scene changes based on the content displayed on the screens.

Board Room

Online Meetings

The bank approached us with a request for a system capable of facilitating online meetings. We incorporated multiple in-ceiling speakers strategically placed to cover the entire room. Additionally, we installed microphones throughout the space and introduced a camera to provide a comprehensive view of the meeting table, ensuring that remote participants can both see and hear the proceedings effectively.


Audio and Video

Grace East End faced challenges with audio coverage and a projector displaying three separate images instead of one cohesive image. They reached out to us for assistance, and we took corrective measures by repositioning the speakers to ensure full coverage of the space. Additionally, we acquired the necessary equipment to converge the projectors into a single, seamless image.

Flower Mound

Audio for the Gym

Founders Academy School desired an easy-to-use audio system for their gym, featuring a touchscreen interface. The newly installed system ensures comprehensive coverage of the gym, delivering outstanding clarity from any location within the space. The system is designed to minimize sound bounce and precisely direct the audio to where guests are seated.